The jewels of Nature Bijoux (since 1982), all made from natural materials, are created for fashion-forward women looking for something new and original to express themselves in their own unique way. Nature Bijoux approaches style like an artist would, with freedom, instinct and sensitivity.

We are experts in fantasy jewellery, with unique craftsmanship acquired through more than 30 years of experience in the design and creation of jewellery from natural materials.

The materials:

Nature poses as a muse, a source of inspiration, it’s also the source of raw materials for Nature Bijoux’s creations. We offer uncommon stories, bold and original, in complete harmony with nature. And that’s the secret of Nature Bijoux, it’s what breathes life into all our jewellery: the sheer diversity and eloquence of natural materials.

There are more than 1200 mineral substances to be discovered in our collections. Termite mounds, grains, bones, semi-precious stones, leather, bark, flowers, nacre, wood, shells, moss, fish skin, feathers, eggshells, horn, bamboo… to list but a few.