Ori Tao – a French jewellery brand – focuses on a more urban metal look appealing to women desiring comfort and style while still being modern. Ori Tao reflects a certain freedom of expression and a constantly renewing creativity which favours a deep and enlightened inspiration, always refined and always contemporary.

Every Ori Tao’s jewel is drawn, developed and produced in the brand’s workshops. This enables to the creators to stay as closely as possible to the artisans who, everyday, make good use of their knowledge to propose you unique and quality jewels.

The preferred materials of our two designers are the tin and brass, they are playful metals with infinite possibilities. The creators play with the material until they get the desired shape, fineness and texture. It’s from that moment that an Ori Tao’s collection starts.

All the creations of the brand get a surface treatment of electroplating process. For the silver plating we use a 925 silver plating of 5 to 10 microns thickness depending on the product. For the fine gold gilding we use a 18K gold plating of 0.5 microns for the bracelets and the rings and 0.3 microns for the other products.